How WSUS stores patches

On November 14, 2007, in WSUS, by

So something I hear from folks is the complaint that WSUS … and therefore R2… downloads EVERYTHING for the categories that it syncs… and it doesn’t.  It only downloads those patches AFTER they are approved.  You don’t approve, they don’t get synced up.

You can even choose to not store the patches locally and instead let the workstation go to MU…which if you have ISA 2004 and caching on, they’ll end up installing from your local cache anyway.


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  1. Craig Brown says:

    Yes was explaining this very thing today. I think the problem is that some people think they have to approve everything after setup for WSUS to work which is totally wrong. You shouldn’t approve anything to begin with. Get your clients reporting in and then approve patches based on what is needed.