Looking to upgrade to mobile 6?

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I know that Chris was talking about how short an update window was on these things so make sure you act now.


This ROM is available from November 1, 2007 to February 1, 2008. After this date, the ROM will be removed from the website and will no longer be available for distribution.

This ROM update is intended for the AT&T 8525 only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage.

The 750 upgrade on the Palm version isn’t even out yet.



It has also been mentioned in Support chats with Palm reps to have been released to a small
group of high volume cooporate customers for upgrade to current devices only after a huge
NDA agreement with those companies.

Both of these can be seen as a good thing and as more widespread testing of the update / build
in real time situations as it has been mentioned from Palm that they have had a particularily
tough time with issues in this release.

The latest rumored (and I cannot stress enough the word rumor) release date to the general
population of the update for current AT&T and Cingular devices is Nov. 15th 2007. Again this
is 10897655453% rumor at this point. -edit- sorry was 15th as next rumored date


3 Responses to Looking to upgrade to mobile 6?

  1. Graeme Smith says:

    Cutting edge LEGAL Phone ROM’s from XDA Developers’ forum. Many tweaked to be WAY better than phone company releases with the bloat pared off with stellar phone performance increases. Antenna and radio programing firmware that is streets ahead of phone company too.

    Advice as to correct leagalese to use with phone company to make them unlock the phone you own.

    Free Membership required.

    You MIGHT “brick” a phone or blow your warranty so “caveat emptor”

    Be prepared to be a bit geeky to learn how to load some of the work arounds to phone company locks.


  2. Noah Kaufman says:

    To confirm what the last poster said, I have upgraded my Sprint PPC-6700 from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 using the ROM “kitchens” (allows you to customize the features in your Windows Mobile 6 device) and my phone works great! Read the instructions carefully, backup all of your data first, and be prepared to do it more than once. (Because you may find that fewer installed features makes for a much more STABLE phone.) I used to have to soft reset my Windows Mobile 5 device every day, and now with Windows Mobile 6 – I only have to do it about once every two weeks. Plus the new Internet Sharing feature when used with a Vista based laptop is outstanding! No need for a separate cellular card and subscription.

  3. amy b says:

    Rumblings on the Michigan user group list that the ROM available on AT&T’s website claims to be for the 8525 but is in fact for the new Tilt, making the special character keys differnt that what it printed on the 8525.

    I downloaded my 8525 ROM from HTC directly and have not had this problem.