So why do Accountants NEED 47 versions of Quickbooks back to practically 1999?  Because we support clients on older versions.  I was in the Quickbooks 2008 version today and opened up an 2006 accountants version that a client was on and saw this.

So if you wonder why someone needs 47 (or is it 48, I’ve lost track) versions of Quickbooks.. it’s because our clients are running 51 different versions, we have to ensure if we work on the data, we don’t upgrade it, so we have to use the version they have (which is why I use Logmein IT Reach or other remote tools to remote to workstations so that it’s on an approval basis and that I’m using their database)

The solution is that most accountants do not need to share the data between accountants and thus there is no need to install the database server of Quickbooks on the server.  Plunk the data file on the server in a shared/backed up file and all is good.


2 Responses to Why do accounting clients need 47 versions of Quickbooks anyway?

  1. Chris Knight says:

    If you’re an accounting firm with reasonable IT infrastructure, then you probably should be looking at Citrix Application Streaming, Microsoft Application Virtualization (was SoftGrid – available via MS Desktop Optimization Pack, requires SA on your desktop OS) or Altiris Software Virtualization Services.

    Each of these products allows a software product to be packaged up and deployed in such a way that the package is unaware of any other virtualized package. This enables you to simultaneously run multiple versions of the same product without problems (such as DLL versioning issues).

  2. Dean says:

    The reason why you need 47 versions is because Intuits programmers don’t know how to program an application to be BACKWORD compatible with previuos versions of their application.