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Windows Clients:

Issue description:
The error code 0x80070005 (Access is Denied) is received when attempting to
use WMI tester utility to connect from computer A to comptuer B. However, it
is successfully when trying to establish the connection from computer C to
the same computer B.

The DCOM permission setting on the computer A is not correct

Rest the DCOM permission by the steps below
1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In Open, type DCOMCNFG, and then click OK
3. Click the Component Services node under Console Root.
4. Open the Computers folder.
5. Right-click “My Computer”, and then click Properties.
6. Click the Default Properties tab.
7. Next to “Enable Distributed COM on this Computer”, please make sure that
the check box is checked.
8. Set “Default Impersonation Level” to “Identity”
9. Set “Default Authentication Level” to “Connect”
10. Select “COM Security” tab.
11. Under “Default Launch Permissions” you should ensure that at least
INTERACTIVE, SYSTEM, and Administrators have “Allow Launch”.
12. Under Access Permissions click on “Edit Default, please ensure that SELF
has “Local Access” and “Remote Access” and system has “Local Access”. Click
OK twice.

13. Expand “My Computer” node
14. Expand “DCOM Config” node
15. Right click “Windows Management [and] Instrumentation” and choose
16. Here are some of the settings we need verify:

1) Authentication Level: Default
2) Launch Permissions: Everyone
3) Access Permissions: Use Default

17. Restart the operating system

PRODUCT: Windows Vista

Issue Description:
Cannot enable the Media Sharing in Windows Vista due to the error “A new
media server was not initialized because WMCreateDeviceRegistration()
encountered error ‘0xc00d2760’.

The DRM components are corrupt

Restore the DRM system on the computer to a clean state. In Windows Vista,
the DRM folder is typically located in the following location:

PRODUCT: Internet Explorer 7.0

Issue description:
When trying to print web page and email by IE and OE, it prints out HTML
code instead.

The Internet Explorer cache is corrupt

Reset the Internet Explorer by the steps

KB936213: How to optimize or reset IE7

PRODUCT: Windows Vista
Issue Description:
Cannot connect to a Wireless network with WPA security.
Incompatibility issue in Windows Vista

Install the following two hotfixes:

You cannot connect to a wireless network on a Windows Vista-based computer

Several problems occur on a Windows Vista-based computer when you work in a
wireless network environment

PRODUCT: Windows XP & Internet Explorer 7.0
Issue Description:
User cached passwords are lost after rebooting the system

The Credentials file is stored under “Documents and Settings\User
Account\Application Data\Microsoft\Credentials”. However, in this client,
the Application data folder has been redirected to a mapped drive.

Change the Folder Redirection policy to redirect the “Application data”
folder to a UNC path rather than the mapped drive.


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