I hate bluetooth

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There I said it.  I don’t normally give up on technology but I’ve given up on trying to get an AT&T Tilt connected via bluetooth to act like a modem for a laptop.  Instead I will just loan out my wireless card that ALWAYS works.

All of the websites/and boards talked about … well it works.. but don’t forget to reset your phone after using it as it messes up the networking.  Huh?  Why is it with phones these days that the geeks consider what they do to get it to work normal?

It seems to me the cell phones have turned into the new arena of bad customer service lately.  Reminds me of the time that Lily Tomlin did the Ernestine skit where she said “We’re the phone company… we don’t care!  We don’t have to!”

I as a customer of AT&T STILL waiting for the promised Windows Mobile 6 upgrade to the Treo 750, I am amazed that once again Microsoft Mobile platform is being totally slammed again by OEMs.  The folks on the forums are googling for bootleg versions of Windows Mobile 6 because they have had it with the vendor saying ‘soon…soon”.


Meanwhile we are teaching people how to go download software from untrusted locations.  Way to go vendors. Lets train customers to go to bootleg sites just because they are so darn frustrated with the manner in which you are promising upgrades.

Just yesterday in fact, a fellow mvp who had a cab file that gave a Windows mobile 6 phone the ability to do RDP was asked to remove it from the file download location. The argument was that it was piracy.

Well excuse me but who is more of the pirate here?  If I’m a large corporate AT&T customer, word is that the upgrade is available.  If so, that makes AT&T more the pirate than their customers.

Sometimes I just don’t get business.  Yeah if the goal is to make the customer so frustrated that they will give up and buy the new phones, I guess that’s a win for the company, but it’s not a good long term win in my book.  Verizon opening up the door to non Verizon phones is a start… a good start.. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2222771,00.asp but it’s one that should be sooner versus later.

It’s funny isn’t it that the item called “mobility” is offered by some of the least flexible vendors out there?

“Here at the Phone Company we handle eighty-four billion calls a year. Serving everyone from presidents and kings to scum of the earth. (snort) We realize that every so often you can’t get an operator, for no apparent reason your phone goes out of order [snatches plug out of switchboard], or perhaps you get charged for a call you didn’t make. We don’t care. Watch this [bangs on a switch panel like a cheap piano] just lost Peoria. (snort) You see, this phone system consists of a multibillion-dollar matrix of space-age technology that is so sophisticated, even we can’t handle it. But that’s your problem, isn’t it ? Next time you complain about your phone service, why don’t you try using two Dixie cups with a string. We don’t care. We don’t have to. (snort) We’re the Phone Company!”
– Lily Tomlin, as Ernestine



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