NEW RELEASES: QuickBooks 2008, 2007 and 2006

We’re working hard to get several updates to current versions of QuickBooks ready for you and your clients by the dates shown below. These releases are also for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8, 7, and 6, although for brevity we are listing them by the QuickBooks desktop year only.

QuickBooks 2008, Release 3*

This is a major release. See below for details.

  • Manual Update Planned to Go Live Thursday, Nov. 29.

  • Automatic Update Planned to Go Live Thursday, Dec. 13.

*There is no Release 2 or R2; R3 is the first release to update QuickBooks 2008. The numbering scheme will skip a release if superseded in development. Note: For clients looking to purchase and download QuickBooks 2008 from, Release 3 is expected to be available Monday, Dec. 3.

QuickBooks 2007, Release 10**

This is a minor release; detailed release notes will be posted when live.

  • Web and Automatic Update Planned to Go Live Monday, Dec. 10. Minor release; release notes posted when live.

**There is no R9. The prior update was R8. The numbering scheme will skip a release if superseded in development.

QuickBooks 2006, Release 11

  • Web and Automatic Update Planned to Go Live Monday, Dec. 10. Minor release; release notes posted when live.

For all of these releases, check the QuickBooks Support site for Product Updates.

TIP: Use the “Select a Different Product” button to check on a different version of QuickBooks from the version that is your current default.

Improved Reconciliations in QuickBooks 2008 Accountant’s Copy

Another Reason to Use Accountant’s Copy. When you and your clients update to R3, you will have improved reconciliation functionality in the Accountant’s Copy.

With R3, either you or the client or both can reconcile their bank and credit card accounts while the Accountant’s Copy is with you. The client’s reconciliation of a particular account is saved and will be retained as long as you did not also reconcile the account during the period you worked on the Accountant’s Copy. (If you have reconciled the same account as the client, your reconciliation will be retained when the client accepts the Accountant’s Copy.)

More Changes in R3. More information on QuickBooks 2008 R3 will be posted with the Web update, which we expect on Nov. 29, 2007. Enhancements and resolutions of known issues are expected for a variety of QuickBooks functions.


  1. In its initial release, QuickBooks 2008 allowed a situation where clients could send an Accountant’s Copy, then do a reconciliation, and discover the reconciliation was undone when the updated Accountant’s Copy was imported. Individually and through various advisor groups, you told us we had to fix this so clients would not see their reconciliations disappear.

  2. In R3, if a ProAdvisor and client should both reconcile the same account while the Accountant’s Copy is out with the ProAdvisor, the ProAdvisor’s reconciliation will override the client’s reconciliation.

  3. With your QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2008, you are able to share an Accountant’s Copy with clients in either QuickBooks 2007 or QuickBooks 2008. However, to take advantage of the revamped reconciliation ability identified in this newsletter, the ProAdvisor must have Accountant Edition 2008 R3 and the client QuickBooks 2008 R3.


4 Responses to NEW RELEASES: QuickBooks 2008, 2007 and 2006

  1. David Halterman says:

    Interesting, the Quickbooks support people don’t even know about this planned date for release. I talked to them today and they informed me they have no date available for release to fix the following:

    “You cannot convert Quicken 2008 data to Quickbooks at this time. Quicken 2008 introduced stronger encryption for data files and Quickbooks is not able to read the new file format.
    There is an R3 patch for Quickbooks coming soon that should resolve this issue. “
    The Quickbooks support team informs me that they are aware of the issue but have not idea how long it will take to obtain the encryption API from the Quicken team and put it into the Quickbooks Convert module – although it would seem like something that should be easy it appears that it will take weeks (more – they have already know about this for several weeks) to perform this simple feat! And then QA will have to install Quicken 2008 and actually test to see that this works this time (that is if QA is actually performing the tests they should, which is questionable since if they were this problem would have been found prior to releasing Quicken 2008 R2 or R3 or R4 or Quickbooks 2008 – since it came out after Quicken R2 was released).

  2. JamesB says:

    Want to see something funny? Load QB 2008, use the built in tools to check for updates. A web browser will launch, go to some QB website which has a single line of black text on a white background, no logo, no images, no links:

    “There are no Updates for 2008”

    or something along those lines.

  3. Robert says:

    Just curious, but why such divergence between manual and automatic dates? Are the manual people unknowing RC testers?

    Never noticed Intuit skipping R numbers before – very peculiar and just goofy.

  4. Manuel says:

    Is there a Intuit mailing list you got this info from?