Still having issues post Office 2003 sp3?

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Still needing to get back to those old files after you installed Office 2003 sp3

Take the contents of this and put it in a text file and save it as officefix.reg, or download the zip file and unzip it.

Or you can use this downloadable file there.

Click on the file to have it insert the info into your registry.






[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Graphics Filters\Import\CDR]


7 Responses to Still having issues post Office 2003 sp3?

  1. P. L. Ward says:

    I used it and it SAVED me! Thanks!

  2. Chris Knight says:


    Got a solution for Access 2000 runtimes that get blown up by Office 2003 SP3?

  3. Tom Bishop says:

    I tried this download a day ago and found it did work to let me open my older XLS files but today I opened the file to work in it and add some new data. Upon finishing when I went to save the file I got the same error message about registry policy prohibitions and it wouldn’t let me save the file. I have an extremely difficult time then quiting Excel and when I reopened it to check my file the file was still there but it was empty, the spreadsheet was gone! Any thoughts on this delema?

    Regards; Tom

  4. michael tock says:

    Any idea where there will be fix for opening access files?

  5. Rob Philpott says:

    Many thanks for the download – this has overcome the problem of accessing hundreds of old archive files, created by Microsoft’s SP3

  6. Bob R. says:

    When trying to email from a program the error message appears: “The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using”.

    When using Thunderbird there is no problem, just with Outlook.

    Any ideas – fixes?

  7. kostas says:

    After i installed office 2003 sp3, some email looks like this RGVhciBQYXJ0bmVyLA0KDQogICAgICAgIGJlbGxvdyB5b3UgY2FuIGZpbmQgYSB2ZXJ5IGFnZ3Jl



    I used to receive from these recepients with no problem prior to sp3 installation. Does anyone please know how to solve this problem?