Popcorn is no more

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I was setting up a phone tonight and remembered that I couldn’t call the time lady at 767-8900 (also dial-able as pop-corn) any more to check the phone.

California’s time lady got deprecated back in September.  Word is they said that the equipment was aging and that time is available in so many other ways.  But the Time lady was one constant for ensuring that time was correct.

At the tone tine time will be…. 11:28 p.m. Pacific Standard Time…




3 Responses to Popcorn is no more

  1. Dean Peters says:

    You can use 303-499-7111

    Thats the number for NIST. The National Institute for something or other.

  2. NO! Make it no be true!

  3. Sean says:

    Heh…that’s what happened to our ‘time’ lady here in Atlanta almost 3 years ago. Why I ever called that number after the internets came on is a great unknown, but there was some comfort in calling her. 🙂