I (nearly) clicked

On December 4, 2007, in Security, by

There is many a time that I go to/remote into/access a computer with accounting data to retrieve it for one litigation thing or another… and one of these days I may lose control and click on the yellow shields I see in the corner and start installing.  When I’m in “data acquisition” role I’m not in a position to lecture the clients (especially when they may be the opposing spouse glaring at me).

Today I saw a blue/green globe and for a split second I thought had logged onto a Win2k and then I realized it was a XP sp1.  Yes, they still exist in the wild.  This one had a patch ready to go.. (yes, I admit, I brought it up just to see how old the patches were that had been downloaded) and there was one patch, the one that allows smaller patch versions to install (the KB number escapes me now)., but it’s the one you have to get before you can get the rest of the 4, 328 patches that bring it up to full patched status and to XP sp2. 

One of these days if you hear of some female arrested in Fresno yelling “I clicked”… it’s probably me flipping out clicking on the shields I see down in the system tray of workstations where nothing has been installed for years..


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