A bit of RSS housecleaning….

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So last week I horked up my RSS feeds.. Newsgator blew up (I think it was the VladJr. post that did it) and I had to rebuild my RSS feeds from an OPML that had some stale RSS links that ended up screwing up my activesync.  Long story short I went into my newsgator subscriptions and was cleaning house.

But there was one RSS feed I couldn’t chuck out the door….. this one http://blogs.msdn.com/canthe/  Yeah, you know that Martha Stewart rule that if you haven’t worn something in two years send it to Salvation Army?  Yeah there’s probably a RSS feed rule too about deleting feeds that haven’t been used in two years…but I just couldn’t chuck it out.  Well I found out today why I couldn’t do it.  You see he has been blogging…but just not there….

more like here:  Beckon for Serve:

And here: The Foghorn:

Cool!  So if you are a Charlie Anthe fan, he’s got two new blog homes to follow.  I’m finding that I’m adding more than just Tech to my RSS feeds.  I mean when you talk to clients and all, one cannot be just a geek.  One needs to be aware of the world.  And today … of all days… the world is acting just a tad crazier.

So what about you?  What RSS feeds have you added? What are your must follow sites that you like to keep an eye on?

P.S. RSS feeds for those blogs are at http://the-foghorn.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default and http://vbref.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default


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  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    You’re blaming my unborn son for your technical problems? Reeeaaachinnnnnnng…