Annoying security programs….

On December 27, 2007, in Security, by

“Second, the iMac, unlike the Dell, is immune to the vast majority of malicious software floating around, so you don’t have to run annoying, memory-hogging security programs.”

Hmm… not sure I quite agree with that.  Mac’s are immune to the vast majority (read Windows based) malicious software floating around, but that doesn’t mean you should lower your security paranoia and not run “annoying, memory-hogging security programs”.  One should review the type of activities you are doing, the risks and threats to each system and evaluate accordingly.  Are there no threats to alternative operating systems other than Windows?  No.  Are there lesser threats?  Yes.  But to make a blanket statement that you don’t have to run security programs if you don’t have Windows?  Sorry Walt.  The bad guys are just waiting in the wings for you to say and do just that.  They know that the CIO’s and CFO’s are running around with their MacBook Pro laptops.


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