Digital Certificates: Do They Work?

On December 28, 2007, in Security, by

Jeff has a great blog post about the issue I see with security certificate notifications… we ignore the warnings and don’t understand them.

My favorite cert issue was the one I spotted on my trade association web site for the login page…. or rather the password reminder page.

The page gives an error with the usual Red IE7 “don’t go here”.  Well I went there and then was nosy to see what was the Certificate error.  I was expecting a broken certficate chain, a wild card or different domain or something.

Nope.  Someone forgot to renew something.

And I’ll bet no one is in the office this week to remember to renew it.



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  1. indy says:

    This happened to a payroll company I use for employee clocking in/out. I imagine every client they had was throwing them an email as their ssl cert had expired and nobody could clock in/out. Luckily for them it was a Friday night it occurred.

    This is really strange as every SSL cert company should be notifying the admins well before expiry.