“The survey also found that 54 percent of Americans use social networking sites, chat rooms or message boards to socialize, and 45 percent have a profile on a social networking site.

The online survey of 2,081 Americans were provided to The Hollywood Reporter before their official release next month.”

I am doing an informal survey here.

If one does an online survey to ask people about how they are online, doesn’t that skew the results of the online survey?

Maybe I’m fuddy duddy but I have a hard time believing that almost 1/2 of Americans are listed in a Facebook app somewhere.


One Response to I’m doing an online survey to see who’s online…

  1. jtb says:

    In point of fact, there is no scientific basis for an unfiltered, opt-in survey… it’s merely an exercise in counting viewers…

    So anyway, thanks again for the cougar T and I’m online… 😉