The emergency landing in Sydney

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In November I flew to Sydney and in route, the Pilot checked a few things in the plane and then when we landed he explained that there was an indicator light malfunctioning and that as a standard procedure, firetrucks would be on the tarmac.  We landed ahead of time, uneventfully.  So it was interesting a week ago to get a letter from United saying “we apologize for your Emergency landing by sending you this travel voucher….” and I was like …uh.. exactly what emergency landing are you guys talking about?

So I see on the message boards that there are some folks reporting corruption on Windows Home Server, but per my eyeballs, it’s hard to do a headcount on the real bodies in there.  And this post is in no way aimed to discount the issues.  But at the same time… I think the Home Server folks blew it.  They should have blogged more like Ed Bott’s post that reads…

“This is not an issue that affects every Windows Home Server installation, and the symptoms require several factors that are not mentioned in the KB article. The largest contributing factor is when a home server is under extreme load. If you’re doing a large, highly demanding file copy operation in the background and you’re using one of the listed applications to edit a file that’s stored on a shared folder on the home server, and you save the edited file to the server, then you might see this bug…..

Meanwhile, backups stored on a Windows Home Server are completely safe, as are files copied to the server for safekeeping or streaming. This issue affects only files that are saved directly from one of the listed applications to a shared folder on a Windows Home Server.”

The reality is I see more people impacted by the IE6 patch bug with the December patches.

Step one in any emergency situation is to not overreact to the issue at hand.  Stay calm.


3 Responses to The emergency landing in Sydney

  1. HandyAndy says:

    I am sorry Susan, please go back to drinking Dew, you have swallowed way too much Cool-Aid this time.

    How can you in all good consicence compare an IE bug that causes IE to crash, to a major flaw in WHS that causes loss of family heirloom photos and data.

    And did I mention the silence from Redmond is deafening?

  2. bradley says:

    Read Ed’s post.

    This isn’t koolaid Andy and I’m getting a little tired of that being used as an excuse. This is a question of what is the real impact of this

    Have you lost data?

  3. bradley says:

    I accept risk now in computing. Nothing in life is absolute and foolproof. Plan on it.

    And yes I can in good conscious because just like the IE crash, this does not occur on all boxes, has a specific trigger event and is not seen by all persons.

    It only happens when saving files directly to the shared folders. Backups are not impacted, nor are file copying that I can see.

    Thus the entire server is not at risk to “family heirloom photos” and data.

    And furthermore since you guys complained about the server not backing up anyway.. you should have planned a backup of that drive in the first place over Amazon S3 or something.

    You already recognized that risk in the first place and are mitigating that.

    No Koolaid Andy. I fly in a plane. It has bugs. I take the risk. I survived.