What’s the lifecycle?

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Just for grins I wanted to see the support lifecycles on various platforms. 

NOVELL: Support Lifecycle:
Novell will provide a minimum of five years General Support for platform and operating system products, including its revisions, starting with the date of a product’s general availability. When General Support ends, Novell will offer extended support for a minimum of two years

redhat.com | RHEL Errata Support Policy:
For a period of 7 years from initial release (General Availability), Red Hat will provide errata maintenance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To facilitate the rapid adoption of new enterprise hardware and software yet retain the high standard of stability inherent in the Red Hat’s enterprise products, the 7 years is divided into three phases of maintenance.

Microsoft Support Lifecycle:


Bottom line 13 years.


What’s fascinating is that for documents, we normally only have to keep financial documents for 7 years.  


Still looking for Apple’s support lifecycle page by the way. http://www.apple.com/search/support/?q=lifecycle http://www.apple.com/search/support/?q=life+cycle If anyone has a link I can put it up on this page as well.


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