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On December 31, 2007, in ISA Server, by

Charlie needed to connect to Gmail’s nntp folders inside of Outlook.  He had ISA’s rules to not be all open and realized it was impacting Gmail. 

(Necessary if you’re going to use Outlook rule processing, since SBS
doesn’t include a default rule for this.) You’ll need to add an ISA Rule
to make it work on some machines. I could post the XML file, but it’s
easy enough to set up:

1.) Open ISA Mgmt console.
2.) Scroll down to near the bottom, just about the SBS Internet Access
3.) Click Tasks tab on right, click Create a New Access Rule
4.) Give it a name – “Gmail SSL Allow” (or whatever). Click Next
5.) Select Allow, click Next.
6.) Select This Rule Applies to Selected Protocols from the drop down
7.) Click Add. Expand Mail. Select IMAPS (and IMAP4 if you also use
non-secure IMAP servers somewhere.) Click Add. Click Close.
8.) Click Next to move to the Access Rule Sources page. Click Add
9.) Expand Network Sets, select All Protected Networks. Click Add. Click
10.) Click Next to move to the Access Rule Destinations. Click Add.
11.) Expand Networks, select External, click Add. Click Close.
12.) Click Next to move to the User Sets. I leave this at All Users.
13.) Click Next to move to the Completing New Access Rule page.
14.) Click Finish. Then Click Apply to make the rule actually active.

You’re in business.



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