Are we really any more secure?

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My favorite flight attendant speech was the time on one flight during the safety speech he said “If you have not driven a car since 1964, please pay attention to the seat belt demonstration”.

But it’s true.. are we really any more secure?


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  1. Chris Knight says:

    Of course we aren’t.
    The banality that has become airport security is a sop to our emotional state, not our rational one.
    The comment I consistently make to airport security in Australia is that the majority of flight safety cards provide the location of the foresection liferaft, on which is located a knife, which the card helpfully points out for you. So what’s the point exactly of me getting half undressed to walk through a poorly tuned metal detector (which incidentally is set differently at every Australian airport)?
    The appearance of doing something is not the same as actually doing something.
    The airport “security” we have is the cheap, mindless one. Apparently we’re too stupid and undeserving to have the most appropriate one. A good example of inappropriate risk management.
    It’s also a good example of pretend competition. Sure, we can choose our airline, but it’s not as though we get to choose our airport. It sure would be nice to choose the airport that has effective security…
    Anyway, enough grumbling… Happy New Year everyone!