Windows Home Server – a follow up

Several of you have been asking about if and when Windows Home Server would be available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. My last post on this indicated that discussions were still underway, but that it looked promising that it wold be added.

Unfortuntely it is not going to be made available for MSDN Subscribers at this time, based on additional discussions between the Product Group and the Subscriptions Teams.

I don’t have any first hand knowledge of what went into this decision, but understand several of you will be disappointed by the decision. As you are aware, it might be added in the future, but it is not being included at this time.  

1/17/08 Update: Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this decision – through the blog or through mail from the blog. I will be letting the WHS Product Group and other business decision makers know of the sentiment, and see if they would be willing to share any of the reasoning behind the decision.


If you want access to trial version of Home Server, join a SBS/SMB partner group and ask their leader to arrange for a Home Server user group meeting. 

I can understand a bit why they probably don’t want it on msdn, but I am amazed at the add ons that folks have built for it.

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