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Mike Walsh’s WSS and more – What comes after SBS 2003:,guid,b7f071eb-0dc1-405b-8b85-7f268c09c212.aspx

Sorry to disappoint you Mike … you’ll be stuck with us SBSers for a while…

There’s a couple of things you missed in that article (I’m assuming it’s this one —  and for the benefit of others I’ll do a heads up here.  First off the article Mike is referring to is about Essential Business Server which is not SBS.  EBS is not SBS.  While the initials may be similar the fact is they are not the same thing. 

What is EBS?  (and yes Mike, that is it’s RTM name)  It’s a three server solution for mid sized businesses..ones above SBSsized.
A good resource/overview of EBS can be found at Windows Essential Business Server – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

What is SBS Next?  Charles’ blog has a good overview:  Are you Ready for Windows Small Business Server Codename “Cougar”? – In The Know – Charles Van Heusen’s Weblog:

The difference between EBS and SBS next will be the size of the client base attached to the network.  SBSnext will be the typical small network, EBS will be a larger mid sized firm, like the article said about 250 and below.  SBS will still be 75 and below.

And sorry to tell you Mike, SBS Next still has Sharepoint,  you are still stuck with us. 😉


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