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So watching Mansfield Park on PBS tonight and doing some research on the web on the background of the movie I have found out that there appears to be a “religious war” of a sort on the Usenet mailing list of Austen-L mailing list on the virtues of “Fanny”.  Apparently a 200 year old fictional character can bring about strong opinions this many years later.

It’s always funny when there is an opinion, a strong opinion about something and it’s taken over to the web.  One nic, two nic, brand of firewall, even including a quip in a newsgroup about ‘nothing is going to secure windows.. at all’, it seems that once the religious arguments begin the mind has closed down and no one is open to learn or listen.  Which is a shame really because there is much to learn from another opinion, another view, another new thing.  It is my strong opinion that one can learn something new if one has an open mind to do so.

The other interesting trait that I’ve seen lately is the “cheese” issue.  The next few months are a time where we all need to open our minds and be open to learn and to change.  When I see someone with what appears to be a closed mind towards a ‘new thing’, it’s always amazing how much they are fighting change. The book “who moved my cheese” is an excellent study of “If you do not change you can become extinct“. 

Seemingly Vista brings out this cheese issue a lot.  “The infrastructure of Vista has changed a lot“.  Folks, if you think the infrastructure of Vista has changed and you can’t handle that, then I’d advise a bit more of an open mind if you start thinking about Ubuntu or Macintosh.  Because it’s really different over there.

So if My documents in Vista is a stub file placeholder

And the real locations of documents is under Users

And the folders of


Are freaking you out a bit…

A judicious planning for changing of cheese just might be wise…along with a reading of this document:

Previously, Windows stored user profiles in the root folder, Documents and Settings. This location has changed, as Windows Vista stores user profiles in a more intuitively named folder—the Users folder.

. The AppData folder contains three subfolders: Roaming, Local, and LocalLow.

Windows uses the Local and LocalLow folders for application data that does not roam with the user. Usually this data is either machine specific or too large to roam. The AppData\Local folder in Windows Vista is the same as the Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data folder in Windows XP.

Windows uses the Roaming folder for application specific data, such as custom dictionaries, which are machine independent and should roam with the user profile. The AppData\Roaming folder in Windows Vista is the same as the Documents and Settings\username\Application Data folder in Windows XP.


Get ready to move your cheese around this coming year.

P.S. I do agree.. Fanny’s hair was all wrong though… 




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