Accounting Apps on Vista – part 2

On January 29, 2008, in Vista, by

Another of our internal apps that runs perfectly on Vista is a classic example of INSTALLING it on Vista is the hard part..once you have it running it works just fine.

The first step I noticed after running the usual install routine is that it did not use the mapped drive letters but the unc path.  I had to edit the properties of the short cut on the desktop to point to the right locations.

The start in of I:\WinCSI\PS was originally \\Server\Share

Second up, it installed under the subdirectory of ART\ART not plain ART…causing another tweak to be needed. 

Location of Program Files\Microsoft Office\ART edited to be ART\ART where the actual file is located

Then for the first launch I needed to run it with a XP sp2 compatability which launches the ‘are you sure’ you want to launch this button. 

Once I loaded it the very first time, installed the local file at the c:\local location (manually setting up that folder in case it had issues, the program runs perfectly WITHOUT the compatibility flag.

Moral of this story is once you get it installed, try removing a few hacks and what not to see if it’s just the installation and not the operation that’s bumpy.

It runs without a UAC prompt with no issues.


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