Software tool that strips Vista….

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Software Tool Strips Windows Vista To Bare Bones — Windows Vista — InformationWeek:

… also is one of the major causes of patch install failures in the newsgroup. 

This is my Vista at home….


This is my Vista at the office…

Install themDon’t muck them up by trying to use third party tools and you get the best experience and best patching experience.

(Okay so don’t blog without a minimum level of Mountain Dew in the system….let’s try that again)…

Install Vista’s as is.  Don’t muck the Vista OS (or any OS for that matter) by attempting to streamline it, hack it up or change it.  Because what I’ve seen over and over again in the newsgroup that when it comes time to patch it on Patch Tuesday, permissions are screwed up, folders that it thinks should be there aren’t there and other patching oddities.  Time and time again, Vista patches and works the best when you use the OS without a hacking up, with the Vista firewall.  And so far my Intel Core2 Duo CPU from HP is noticably peppier than the Home HP that has a lesser graphics card.  And the price tag of the HP was right in line with what we normally pay for machines that we expect to hang on and hand down for 4 years or more.


2 Responses to Software tool that strips Vista….

  1. Logan says:

    “Install them” refers to what? Vista(s)? Third party tools (but you say “don’t muck”)? It’s not clear what course of action you are advocating. I also have a WEI base score on a couple of machines. They are different, also. Therefore …
    maybe a Yoda filter is necessary?

  2. k says:

    Agree, I’m not following what you’re trying to tell us either. I think you’re saying to install patches and not third party tools?