Yes size does matter

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The Acer 24 inch at NewEgg online –

Three Acer 24inch monitors in action (click here for a better view)…. Vista, Office 2007 and then on the right, a virtual XP image of the exact desktop just in case I forgot something during the migration for one of the partners in the office. Notice the high tech monitor support in the middle.  I have matching 22inch Widescreen Acer’s, he has three matching 24inch widescreen monitors.

We like them so much we bought two more for two other Accountants in the office.  They make a spreadsheet to die for (It ends up from A past Z in column width on the spreadsheet).

(For those keeping track, that’s a FASB book, a Business Law book and an Intermediate Accounting Book being used as a temporary stand to see what height he wants the monitor at before he finds or builds something permanent.)


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  1. I have one of those.

    While they don’t get rave reviews from game and graphic designer websites and forums they are absolutely fine for day to day work and will actually make you more productive.

    No medication required either!