It’s not me

On January 31, 2008, in news, by

The other day I got the TechNet magazine and saw this in the Letters to the editor section…


You can see this down at the bottom of the “From the Editor: Dealing with Information Overload — TechNet Magazine, February 2008” section of the TechEd Magazine:

And honestly, for a moment there I went… “uh, I don’t remember doing anything for that Magazine..” and then it hit me.  That’s the OTHER Susan Bradley.  The Microsoft employee who works in Redmond somewhere in the Server team, somewhere in technical documenation or something like that who shares my name.  There’s been a rare occasion I’ve gotten an email meant for her, and visa versa, sometimes she’s gotten one meant for me.

In case you are wondering exactly how many Susan Bradleys there really are….

There’s the fictional Susan Bradley who was played by Judy Garland in The Harvey Girls –

There’s the one who does wallpaper.

There’s the one that does the books on Sudden Money.

There’s the Love Doctor one.

There one that does Film titles

But if you see on a Microsoft publication the name “Susan Bradley”… it might not be me.  It might be her, THE Susan Bradley that works for Microsoft.  I just hope she doesn’t get a lot of “oh are you the SBS Susan Bradley?” too much, and doesn’t get too annoyed that we share the same name.


2 Responses to It’s not me

  1. indy says:

    Have you thought of marrying Yoda?

  2. Phyllis says:

    Hi – I’m the webmaster for *one* of the Susan Bradleys! I work with the one that runs The Sudden Money Institute – – (you have it linked from the Right on the Money website).

    I have a google alert set for “Susan Bradley” and I’m always getting all the *other* Susans stuff.

    I kinda get a kick out of the fact that one SB is a techno geek and *my* Susan isn’t.

    I remember a couple of years ago Martha Stewart did a show where everyone in the audience was also named Martha Stewart – had a friend of mine in the audience –

    Would it be strange to have a get-together with all the Susan Bradleys???