Thank you Mr. Fong

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When I was doing that last night and in the middle of troubleshooting I stupidly forgot the ISA rules of SSL certs versus the SBS standard rules of SSL certs.

On a standard SBS box, the SSL cert gets changed on the IIS web site — you’ve seen this post:

On the SBS premium with ISA, the cert on the IIS web site is the internal publishing.server.lan and the SSL cert is in the ISA web publishing rule.

So this morning the RWW site was working ..but not and giving me a “500 Internal Server Error”.  That means it’s working…but that ISA isn’t matching up the cert right.  Shoot what did I do wrong, says I.  So I fire up google and hit a Ray Fong post that reminds me of the exact stupid thing I did wrong.

“Check IIS, is the Default Website’s cert name called
“Publishing.domain.local” and the ISA’s Incoming Web Request’s cert name
called “”?

Ray Fong
Microsoft SBS Product Support “

Duh.  Me more blonde as I was fitzing around with settings and ran the CEICW and changed that thinking it was supposed to be like standard.

Last I heard Ray was in Messenging support…but thank you, Mr. Fong.  Four years later and you just helped this SBSer.


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