MSDE a memory hog….

On February 19, 2008, in SQL Server, by

MSDE a memory hog….. Who da thunk…not me…. 
Dear Susan Bradley,

After extensive research and monitoring, it has been determined
that the resource used by SQL express engine causes a dramatic
performance decrease for the server. Futhermore, it creates
security issues for the server. Unfortunately, we are forced
to discontinue support for SQL Express database engine on
March 19, 2008. For all customers using SQL Express engine,
please move your database to a SQL 2005 environment. The easiest
way is to use “attach” function through the
“control panel -> database -> mssql admin” section to
attach your .mdf and .ldf file. If you need further assistance,
please feel free to contact our help desk support staff. Thank you.

Thanks, Team


2 Responses to MSDE a memory hog….

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Oh dear…

    Someone needs to be hit with a clue-bat. Where’s that 4×2 you have Susan?

  2. Bil Simser says:

    I’m just moving my stuff off of wh4l to my own server, but got this message too. What a load of crap IMHO. SQL Server Express Edition causes performance problems? (there’s no mention of it being a memory hog). And moving to a full blow version of SQL Server is going to fix this? SQL Server requires about 8x more memory and resources as it’s express counterpart so I’m not seeing the logic here? It’s like saying my Prius is costing me too much in gas so I’m going to buy a Ford F150.