Download details: Windows XP SP3 RC2:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2 is available to the public. Specific registry settings will allow you to be offered SP3 via Windows Update.

Is Windows XP SP3 just around the corner? | All about Microsoft |

Updated above: Microsoft is making the previously private test build of XP SP3 (which went to 15,000 select testers in early February, publicly available as of February 19.)

Just to remind folks that while this is the public beta…. this will have to be removed for the final version.  Also I don’t have anymore Windows Media Centers joined to the domain to test this out but we have one test/one report/needs further testing that after the install of XP sp3, the ‘domain join’ on the MCE is back to what it was and may need to be rehacked.  If someone could test and confirm, I (and your fellow SBSer’s that have been hacking these on domains in an unsupported manner) would appreciate it.  If you lose the domain join, removing XP sp3 puts it back to where it was.


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