Step one – always install older programs with a “Run as adminstrator” enabled.  Right mouse click on setup.exe and click “run as administrator”.

Click through the UAC warning.

Acknowledge that for 13 years Quickbooks didn’t code securely and because we didn’t care they didn’t have to (bottom line just click though this warning that it’s imcompatible, now they do code securely in the 2007/2008 versions)

Click on the install button.

Click next.

Agree to the EULA (like who really clicks on the “Decline” button as this point?)

Enter the product key.  (Ha! Not going to show you that screen shot!

Choose the install folder – I like each year to go into separate years (untick that button that says “place service and support icons on my desktop”


Confirm the install.

Near the end of the install you’ll see an error message pop up about “error 1904.Module” and how it can’t write/register ZRush_ShipRush3_QB.ocx

As is stated in this post – http://quickbooksgroups.com/webx?14@@.ef3501c/24 it’s merely a FedEx so you have your choice of opening up permissions for that location or just hitting ignore (I went with ignore, as I don’t need the Fedex feature to work)

The install completed.

Icon is now on the desktop.

Now… there’s a couple of options here.  Number one if you leave everything “as is” for most CPA offices that merely “read” the data file, post a few journal entries and that’s about it, it normally works just fine.

If you need to get updates normally which most do, you have to hack up a bit.  Basically you do the same ‘hacking’ of permissions and registries that I used to do to get Quickbooks 2006 to run as non adminstrator on XP.


You’ll still get the osx error, but hitting ignore let’s it go on.

Now then you need to do like this http://www.threatcode.com/group_policy.htm that to open up the permissions of the folder/registry keys so that it can be updated without issue for those firms that need it.

If the annoyance of telling your clients to “ignore” the unwanted fedex module is too much…do this:

1. Update Quickbooks and wait for the error message to pop up.

2. Rename the ZRush_ShipRush3_QB.ocx file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks to something like ZRush_ShipRush3_QB.ocx.old

3. In the same folder, copy BbfDepCalc.ocx or another .ocx file and paste it to the same folder.

4. Rename the new file you just created to ZRush_ShipRush3_QB.ocx

5. Select Retry in the error message popup. Quickbooks should finish updating afterwards.

Yes, it does one final warning that it doesn’t like Vista …but IT WORKS ON VISTA.

Have a loosened permissions on part of my file and registry structure so that if/should a malware ever specifically be designed to nail me with a Quickbooks virus (some folks would argue Quickbooks is malware to begin with, but I digress), but I have a fully functional Quickbooks 2006 on a Vista.

Is is ‘officially supported”?  No.

Does it work? Yes.

Because I’ve hacked it up it doesn’t need a UAC prompt either, nor need to run as XP sp2 or with admin in the security properties.  It just “runs”

Please note I do not get paid by either Microsoft or Intuit to do this
proof of Quickbooks 2006 running on Vista.

I’m just stubborn.


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