Microsoft Windows Essential Server Solutions:

Interesting grid.  Some of it misleading in fact.  Of course I’m drawn to the security topics….

First off the cal count isn’t changing … 75 is still the max and 50 is the sweet spot.

The topic in the grid is whether there is a solution in SBS 2008 that will assist in managing the employees use of the Internet is a bit blunt and to the point.

Hmmm…not sure if there’s any firm, large or small that shouldn’t be doing “some” sort of management of the employees’ use of the Internet.

As Russ would say.. if only he got a commission on recommending a free product.  There’s more than one way to skin that cat and sometimes the better solution is “outside the box” anyway. You point your DNS forwarders to them and as of yesterday they now have lots more categories you can block

Hmmm though.. block blogs?  How dare they?  😉

But bottom line, sometimes there are other solutions that need to be looked at.  I don’t know of a single small business that doesn’t need to manage in some way the use of the Internet.  Web based security issues are a fact of life and every small firm needs to be aware and take appropriate action.  And sometimes that means blocking and monitoring.


One Response to "We need to manage our employees’ use of the Internet"

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Yes, OpenDNS is very, very nice. Easy to use and administer, so long as you can prevent users from modifying their DNS settings. Or even better, stop them performing DNS queries direct to the Net.

    Another useful solution is SquidNT and Kraken Config for Squid (for the CLI/UNIX-fearful amongst us; commercial product). The configuration can take some time getting used to, but in the right hands Squid is an exceptionally powerful proxy. You can perform time-of-day browsing, specific site access by specific hosts, bandwidth throttling, and also domain user authentication by using a helper application. Site filtering can be done using squidGuard (commercial product for binaries and support). Pretty stats graphing/trending can be done with MRTG.