Vista is evil

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft warns on Vista update:

Truly it must be so. At least if you read all the headlines.
I mean it BREAKS things.  I mean READ THIS KB —

It breaks BitDefenderAV version 10.  I mean let’s dismiss the fact that the vendor has a supported version already available shall we? 

While there are times that Vista deserves the headlines it gets, the BBC’s headline is just a cheap shot at what is merely documentation telling you to go click on “update now”. 

I had a funny conversation the other day with a guy who teaches computer accounting in college.  He said that they had rolled out Vista and the users either liked it or were neutral about it.  That it was the ITPros that were kicking and screaming the most about it.  Tonight I was cobbling up an old computer to donate to a church and didn’t realize it only had 256K (megs) (1)in it.  When I went to download Trend it warned that I was below the recommended RAM and that installing the A/V would slow it down.  So I scrounged around and kicked it up to more ram.  The moral of this story is that we don’t run efficient businesses in a 256K (megs) (1) world.

I haven’t considered 256K(megs)(1) RAM a decent spec for a workstation in ages.  Anything less than a gig is now sitting in our storage area being used for parts and what not.

But beware gang.. but SP1 “breaks things”.  Yeah.

(1) never can count without a calculator


5 Responses to Vista is evil

  1. The Lazy Slug says:

    Hmmm. Think you may have over reacted here. I wouldn’t say the word ‘warn’ equals ‘breaks things’.

    The BBC article and headline are just a warning that there could be some problems. They have provided simple advice on what to do and what type of products could be affected, plus a link to the actual Microsoft KB.

    They have probably dramatically raise the awareness of SP1 over here and doing Microsoft Support and Vista a favour.

    If anything, they are encouraging users to patch and update, which I thought you’d be all for.

  2. Every new version of Windows gets this treatment, the “it sucks, it makes no meaningful improvement over the current one.”

    Vista is getting it rougher than most. I guarantee you in a few years when Windows 7 comes out people the shallower press will talk about how Vista is fine, why do we need W7?

  3. bradley says:

    The BBC article did not link to the KB where you could read that all of the programs were updated already.

    I’ve seen numerous folks react to this headline and the one in the Register.

    The XP sp2 “here’s what will break” was huge in comparison.

  4. The Lazy Slug says:

    The link to the Microsoft KB is on the right hand side of the article under ‘Related Internet Links’ (well, on the UK version it is.) with the title ‘Microsoft note on Vista update’.

    Granted, the BBC has annoyed me with numerous ‘Microsoft bashing’ articles over the years. I just don’t think this is one of them.

  5. Richard says:

    “it sucks, it makes no meaningful improvement over the current one.” and “it sucks, this decade-old program no longer runs” are the two common responses to each new version of Windows.

    The problem is that Windows is a compromise between the two – the more changes they make, the harder backcompat becomes.

    If you look at other OS, consumer Linux distros include the applications in the distro, so they can get away with more radical breaking changes, since they can update the application too. In the closed-source world of Microsoft, that’s not an option.

    Mac OS has always been much more prepared to make breaking changes. Mac OS Classic disappeared when Mac OS went Intel, so that means that any binary more than five years old got completely ditched. Can you imagine the outcry if Microsoft pulled a stunt like that?