Mud in the Waters, Clear in the Cloud

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Channel Insider Blog – Microsoft – SBS 2008 Muddies the Waters of Hosted Services:

Here’s how I see any hosted service these days.

If I want to collaborate with my staff with any sort of technology that uses a level of geek higher than yelling “Hey, can you find that file?” if they are sitting in the office next to me, I’ll use Sharepoint.

If I want to collaborate with clients and customers, external to me, I’ll consider the cloud.

My “stuff” I keep close to me, on my server, where I can keep an eye on it.  My line between hosted and non hosted is the door to my office.  Anything internal, stays internal.  Anything external, I’ll consider the cloud.

It’s quite clear to me.

My biggest concern is the implementation.  Will it be sold, implemented through MVLS?  If so, that needs work.  Will it be through Office live?  If so, there needs to be better partner tie in so that customers see the partner value.  The mud in the waters is in the details of the implementation to me, not the ‘where data should live’. 

If it’s my data, it’s inside my walls.


2 Responses to Mud in the Waters, Clear in the Cloud

  1. indy says:

    Like your statement about Microsoft Stock ownership, ( ) this seems a tad self-serving. What is in your clients’ best interests (reducing costs and possibly better services,) may not align with your continued employment. Hosting/Cloud is the future. The focus will absolutely be on the network layer redundancy (for example we are getting multiple fiber lines with different providers,) rather than on the desktop/server side. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but to ignore it as an eventuality is sitting twiddling your thumbs.

  2. bradley says:

    $2,000 give or take of stock ownership in my 401K hardly puts me in the self serving department, Indy.

    My clients best interests is that I keep their Personal Identity Information safe. For right now that means I keep their data on my servers. I’ve seen the security issues of hosted solutions. I have clients on Hosted Quickbooks. Quite frankly the forensic ability to trace transactions, have past bank reconciliations leaves a lot to be desired on the online version.

    I’m certainly not ignoring it but making the decision that it needs to get a lot lot lot better than what it is before it will pass my trust test.