I moved the furniture again

On February 24, 2008, in news, by

Thanks to Chris Lanier, I’m using the Fluid theme but this time it doesn’t put ‘snippets’ of content on the blog but the full post.

Let me know if it’s readable for folks.  I don’t think it cuts any content off either like some I’ve been playing around with in the past.


One Response to I moved the furniture again

  1. Bill says:

    The Tags list on the right looks like it is on “dim” but it is readable on my system, and when you hover over a tag it highlights it making easier to read.

    The Blue headers are little tough to read though as they don’t highlight when you hover over them.

    Overall I think it works as I like the organized look to it versus some lists where the tags all just mesh together.

    FYI, I’m viewing the site on a Dell 2407WFP at 1900×1200 with Brightness set at 30. Most important though is I am using 55 year old eyes, so that may be a major factor. 😉