Got a "non-commercial" office?

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The title bar displays “non-commercial use” when you start an Office
Home and Student 2007 program:
If you happen to purchase a computer and it says “for non-commercial use”, this is a tale-tell sign that this is the Office Home and Student version.
While the Office Home and Student version can be installed on three home machines, it’s not meant for business use.


5 Responses to Got a "non-commercial" office?

  1. Robin says:

    So this is Office that you can’t use in the office?

  2. Dixon Robertson says:

    I attended the LegalTech trade show/seminar/convention/continuing ed extravaganza in chicago a couple of years ago. Believe it or not, two of the speakers (legal technology “experts,” one a lawyer herself) actually advised solo/small firm lawyers to buy the Student Edition of Office, since you could install it on 3 computers and it was so cheap.

    To a roomful of lawyers. Teh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If I purchase it, what right do they have to tell me how I use it? Home appliances sometimes state “not for commercial use”, but only to inform the consumer that it is not the quality necessary for such heavy use and would not be warranted for such. Can you imagine a stapler you can’t purchase for your home office because it says “for non-commercial use only”?

    Remember when you were a kid, “Step on a crack, and break your mother’s back” and we obediently avoided sidewalk cracks? Well I’m all grown up now, I’m steppin’ on ’em, and my mother’s back is just fine.

  4. Roger says:

    Does anyone know how to remove this “non-commercial use” reminder? i am sure it is but a simple reminder from Microsoft not to use this commercially, a thought which knocks my head off. i am a freelance computer technician and reseller of small items earning little from this and that. i use my Word and Excel 2007 to record my earnings and made some documents related to my job. Is this a violation of such “non_commercial use” policy of Microsoft? if not, then can somebody tell me how to remove this “reminder”? I am 49 years old already and to be reminded once of what is right is enough for me (why didn;t they simply put it in the package?) but to be reminded everytime i open those programs feels like an insult and besides i simply want my computer to be lean.

  5. Commercial 'Cheap Skate' User says:

    Buying Office Home & Student is like buying 3 oranges for the price of 1. The shop doesn’t sell you the oranges 3 for 1 and then tell you not to juice them but to peel and eat them! You have bought 3 installations of Office. Use them as you wish!
    You can edit the registry with regedit (set a restore point first in case the wheels fall off!) , search for the term “non-commercial”. Edit them as you wish. Usually you would be all done here, except that the clever folk at Microsoft have the applications reset these registry entries on opening the application, undoing all your good work! So the next thing to do, having changed an entry, is to right click on it in the tree, select ‘permissions’, then ‘advanced’, then the username (not system, it is the user who is opening and operating the software) and then ‘edit’. I guessed with this bit and allowed all items to be set to ‘allow’ except ‘Set Value’ and ‘Delete’ which are set to ‘Deny’.
    Repeat for each user.
    Seems long-winded but it worked for me!