So do you call Microsoft?

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Interesting email in the case regarding “Vista capable” and this section from Steven Sinofsky caught my eye (taken from

“So far I am surprised at the low call volume in PSS [Product Support Services]. I think we have a lot of new PCs which helps and the hobbyist people who bought FPP/UPG [Full Packaged Product or upgrade] just know what to do and aren’t calling, but I know they are struggling.”

When I was struggling in early January with my Sister’s Dell OEM Vista laptop with Vista on it and trying to find a video driver that would work in the docking station and not screw up with the 22 inch widescreen monitor NOT ONCE did I call.  Not once did I call Dell. Not once did I call Microsoft.  If there is one message that I wish the executives at Microsoft would get through their heads is that for the vast number of people I interact with that have computer issues, not once do they consider calling up Microsoft.  Not a single solitary time.

Why?  Because especially on the consumer side they don’t know the experience they will get for one… will there be push back to take the issue to the OEM support?  Will it involve a long distance call to the overseas equivalent of 1-866-pcsafety?  They don’t have the time for the wait on the phone call and don’t have any patience for any vendor finger pointing for sure.

That edit of selected emails in that post on the SeattlePI blog points out the ‘evil’ side of corporate Microsoft that I don’t see at the bottom of the employee rungs, but sometimes glimpse at the top.  Your employees shouldn’t have to plead such things as “Please give this some consideration; it would be a lot less costly to do the right thing for the customer than to spend dollars on the back end trying to fix the problem.”

Do the right thing, Microsoft.

It does cost less in the long run.

But yeah, listen to your customers.


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  1. Robear Dyer MS-MVP says:

    “So far I am surprised at the low call volume in PSS.” (Sinofsky)

    Users are much more likely to post in the MS Public newsgroups than call PSS. Why doesn’t PSS monitor these newsgroups and include such posts in their “call volume” numbers?