Profile cleaning anyone?

On March 4, 2008, in news, by

Roger Otterson was chatting today about user profiles and I spotted tonight an entire blog on User Profile – 

Wow.  An entire blog on one problem that most of us see a bit of from time to time.

The complaint several have had is when we run /connectcomputer and it ends up with a ‘this profile is private’ error.  Roger recommends running the clean up temp file tool from here.. and Eriq recommends this trick of opening up the setup log file and seeing exactly where the /connectcomputer is failing.  (He blogged about it here — )

Meanwhile Kevin Royalty recommends as the best way to migrate profiles when moving machines around.

There’s a reason we like /connectcomputer — it does a lot of tasks – and when it doesn’t work, we do try our darnest to use similar tools to do the same things it does.

Check those hints out next time your connectcomputer isn’t connecting. 


One Response to Profile cleaning anyone?

  1. Robert says:

    Sorry but /connectcomputer is a pain in the arse yes you can get it work but Ive always found it easier to just join pc to domain without anything fancy then use the profwiz tool and its soooooo much faster not to mention more reliable.