The myth of no support

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I see a fair amount of articles targeted to small businesses that have to do with this “myth” of no techs support needed for Macintosh.  Apparently small business people hate Tech support so much that they want to get rid of it?  Or perhaps, and more likely, that they aren’t getting the right support they need?  Maybe it’s because they aren’t getting proper training on the technology they have that they think there’s greener pastures somewhere else.

From needing to outfit an office with minimal IT assistance to realizing that your network problems aren’t inevitable to just wanting a nicer décor, there are lots of reasons to Go Mac. But now you need to know how to get your Mac office up and running. We’ve filtered through Apple’s, and other Mac vendors’, products to take you on a visual tour of your future infrastructure.

Only on slide 12 does the reality of running a small business on an alternative platform is hinted at..  I’m not talking about “legacy applications you don’t want to replace”, how about we talk about applications we can’t find a Macintosh equivalent?  When you start to investigate alternative platforms, solutions, systems, you need to do a “Y2k” analysis.  What exactly is it that you depend on that if you couldn’t find an EXACT replacement on the alternative platform you are using that you could not function.  Most small businesses I come across do not build databases, we buy programs. 

Even cloud based databases have operating system requirements.

Technology is an investement.  And hardware is many times the less costly piece of the puzzle.  Go into a migration project with your eyes wide open.  It’s never as easy as the salesmen, or the Tech journals say it is.  Do your homework and then make the investments.


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  1. Apple Macs actually run Windows Vista quite well directly on the hardware (with bootcamp) now because they’re basically well designed PCs. Now if only they had two mouse buttons…