XP SP3, MCE and the Banana Hack

On March 24, 2008, in Security, by

I need someone’s help in confirming or denying a potential issue with XP
sp3 and Media Center edition.

Rumors are that XP sp3 is close to being done, but there’s a scenerio
that hasn’t been able to be confirmed.

Here’s the scenerio… Frank tested it on his and saw the following and
I don’t have another sacrifice MCE around to test this. (I’ve already
bumped mine to Vista Ultimate)

Frank said: “Install proceeded with no error messages. On reboot
Messenger rebuilt, Network drives didn’t connect, and Media Center
wouldn’t open because of Audio failure. Device Manager showed no driver
failures. Uninstalled SP3 and system returned to normal. Not sure if
this is because of Hack to join Domain or other factors but not willing
to sacrifice my main box at this point! ”

The issue is that hacking a MCE to join a domain is not supported so
it’s not exactly something that is the responsibility of Microsoft. But
it is something that we need to know ahead of time.

Given that we have a fair amount of MCE’s hanging off our domains
because clients bought the wrong operating system, it’s something I am
asking folks to confirm or deny for us out here.

The good news is that removing the service pack puts it back into full
operating condition.

So when XP sp3 hits the streets be looking for this and let us know if
it was a fluke or is something we’ll have to ‘rehack’ them back on the



2 Responses to XP SP3, MCE and the Banana Hack

  1. Jon Fleming says:

    MCE and Tablet can only get SP3 through Windows Update.http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=521.

  2. Jon Fleming says:

    But it wouldn’t surprise me if the AutoPatcher gang figured out how do set up an SP3 installation CD for MCE and Tablet. They are back, apparently with Microsoft not objecting, with apup.exe which downloads the updates from Microsoft. Guess Microsoft’s complaint was that they were redistributing Microsoft’s content. They have a good list of available content. http://www.autopatcher.com/