Moonwatcher: SMB Exchange Administration Nightmare:

So who needs Exchange on their SBS anymore in this day and age of Live this and Google that? 

(btw before I get into the reason why SOME small businesses will still want and need Exchange locally and not in the cloud…just a FYI.. don’t delete the log files as was said and if you have 3.5 gigs of log files I’m going to guess that a backup has not been running on that box which would delete those log files automatically.  Add to that you can move data files from the C:\ to other partitions, and then add to that that if that small firm’s CFO isn’t calling in a SBSC consultant when he gets stuck… well… Bottomline Moonwatcher?  Can you tell your friend that he’s not running a backup and that’s why those log files are growing.  SBS has a built in backup program that automagically dumps these log files.  I’m guessing something or someone set up some sort of backup program as SBS ships with circular logging enabled so that he won’t get into this position.  But I’m guessing something happened so now it’s not doing what it should do.  In fact, recommend to your friend that he run and see what’s up with that server)

Anyway on to the real reason for this post…..

Okay so who will need Exchange “on” a SBS box in the future?  Those who don’t trust the cloud.  Those who don’t/can’t have their business data in the cloud.  Those that want more than the cloud.  Those that don’t trust gmail and Microsoft.   

I still would recommend a solution that would ensure shared calendars as a minimum for an office.  You really gain the power of shared information then. 

Google apps and gmail do not compare to a solidly deployed Exchange shared calendar solution with Outlook.  SMB Exchange administration isn’t a nightmare if you ensure that the box is doing what it should.

Will Exchange have a lesser place as we go forward?  Yes I think it will.  But I also think that not every business will or CAN put their trust in the cloud.  Online collaborative sites will work for some, but not for others.  The key is to fit the best solution for your clients’ needs and to fit ‘how’ they work.


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  1. dixon robertson says:

    And those of us who really, really want to move from shared folders/calendars to Outlook-enabled Sharepoint sites.