I still just don’t get it

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Why People Don’t Get Twitter | NoGeekLeftBehind.com:

As a follow up to Tim, many a twitter post that I see is about as fascinating as how it took 13 minutes for me to blow my nose.  It’s all in how your communication flows for you.  Some folks communicate through newsgroups, some through web forums, some through chats and IM, and obviously some tweet.  If your group of twitters keep the conversation to something more exciting than “Jane Austin fest” and “What exactly was Nicole’s necklace?” which has been some of my past tag lines, then wonderful, but I really and truly don’t consider those throw away lines up at the top of the IM window anything other than throwaways.

One of my IMers gave a clear use of it as it flowed in his conversation style.  He could ask and get real time answers for his tech issues.  (For the old school folks it also sounds like the web version of an ICQ channel… it’s funny for everything new and web 2.0, I see a lot of old technologies reused in different ways.)

If it works for you, fine.  But I think I communicate enough now.  (Too much some say)

Sorry Tim and Vlad, for now anyway, not going to take that red pill.



3 Responses to I still just don’t get it

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    You know that if Dr. Tom or Damian had a single tweet on there you’d take Tweet down in 5 minutes singlehandedly 🙂


  2. JamesB says:

    So does anyone really care who went to Half Moon Bay other than those “wanna be” tech elites in the Valley?

    If there was something of use in even 5% of the post to these social media sites maybe, MAYBE, they would be of any use to anyone other than the bored, the social misfits and techno geeks with nothing better to do.

    Sorry I just don’t get it either I guess…

  3. Tim Barrett says:

    I miss the good old days of IRC chat when you could share WAV files automatically when people typed certain words. (Think Homer Simpson). How come modern day chat can’t do that?