The moral of this story is…

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That is a $200 Die Hard Platnium battery that I bought at about 6 p.m. from Sears for my Dad’s “newer” car.  I bought it after the car refused to start around 4:50 p.m.

….so I had to drive out of town today and Dad says “take my car, it needs to be driven..” and I proceed to drive it there and back.  On the way back to the office Dad calls and needs me to stop by the Doctor’s office.  So I drop by to pick up supplies that Dad needs and then get in the car to drive back to the office.

wrrrr ….rrrrrr ….click.

Uh oh….  Let’s try that again.

wrrrr ….rrrrrr ….click.

Shoot.  And then I’m like …shoot I’m not sure I have my AAA emergency tow service card with me (nor at this time of the year am I certain that I sent it in for renewal), so I call my Sister and she says “Oh yeah, last night when I drove it into the garage and parked it, it acted like the battery was going”.  Thanks Sis for warning me.  Call Dad.  “Yeah, the battery is five years old, it’s probably due for a change”.  Okay, that’s nice to know.  So while I’m deciding to get a tow service, one of the guys at the office with jumper cables calls and says he’ll swing by.  So I wait in the parking lot.  Around that time the Xray technician at the Doctor’s office comes over and asks where’s my Dad and I explain I came for supplies and he’s fine and the car won’t start.

He turns the key and for him it goes…

wrrrr ….rrrrrr ….click.

So I say someone’s coming, I’m fine and he drives off.  It’s only about 4:30 anyway on a very lovely spring day.  Birds are churping, it’s not bad at all to be standing out in the sun with the breeze.

So along comes Ken from the Office.  And he says “So what sound does it make when you try to start it?”

And I say “Hang on let me show you…..”

I proceed to get in the car, turn the key and the car goes….

“vroom vroom vroom vroom….”

(just imagine a picture of Ken standing in the parking lot laughing at me)

The moral of this story is….

Just like computers, when batteries get to a certain age, change them out.

When the technician shows up, the technology works just fine.

Emotions drive purchasing decisions. 

In the emotional aftermath of getting nearly stuck on the road, the $80 price differential between the Sears Gold level and the Sears Platnium battery seems like peanuts.  Amazing how when emotions are involved you tell the Sears guy, “whatever is your top of the line battery, I want that!”

P.S.  In case you think I’m crazed enough to take a picture of the battery just for blogging purposes, we actually took it to show to Dad the new battery.


2 Responses to The moral of this story is…

  1. indy says:

    a $200 battery!? Guess the salesman took one look at you and smiled widely, am I right?

    “platinum” indeed.

  2. Ran Hooper says:

    Similar experience happened to me. Truck died while I was driving it. Got the tow, went to show them after they towed me what it was doing and it fired right up. But that was an alternator issue not a battery.

    But here is the really cool part about the Sears battery:

    The first battery cost me $130. It lasted four years or so. Because the battery was supposed to last seven years (something like three years free replacement, the rest prorated), I received a new battery installed for $50. With another seven year warranty.

    I will never buy another battery anywhere else.

    They are quick too. Takes about 30 minutes total.

    So I would say at $200 if you plan to keep the vehicle for awhile it’s a great investment.