I have a $3,000 door stop

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Tim Anderson’s ITWriting – Tech writing blog » Small Business Server 2008: no ISA Server, no built-in tape backup:

I have a $3,000 Sony tape door stop.  Well it used to be a fully functional… okay most of the time functional tape backup until until it decided to crap out on me.  (It was sorta like this Sony model) And I looked at that $3,000 unit and went..da heck with this why am I fighting with tape with it’s on again off again  “it works tonight… it doesn’t work tomorrow” that I was fighting.  So I switched to harddrives and never looked back.  I know you will tell me that they aren’t built for ruggedness.  They won’t last as long.  I have a bunch of useless tapes in my office that I need to properly destroy because my drive unit won’t function.  How rugged was it?

My biggest thing I want people to think about when the reality of ISA ‘off the domain controller’ means is something even more than security.  For too long vendors have done the ‘blame ISA” routine.  Because we had ISA ON the same server as everything else, a vendor could justifiably come back with an excuse that the ISA configuration was the problem.  Given that it’s not like we want to remove it to prove the vendor wrong, it placed us in a awkward position.  Add to that the issue that ISA on a DC is only supported on a SBS box means we’re in the minority down here. 

There’s also another factor that I talk about in the Small Biz chapter of the Win2k8 Security Res Kit…I talk about it on page 397 “Choosing a Firewall” section… where I point out that having the firewall ‘off’ the server and now a choice for the customer/consultant to pick out means that you can select a firewall ‘just right’ for your client.  From Sonicwalls to Fortinets, to MonoWalls, to ISA Server, to yes, even LInksys if the client doesn’t need the extra protection and paranoia you can select how much “paranoia” your client really needs and choose the right solution.




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  1. Chris Knight says:

    The sucky bit about no ISA is the lack of integrated access control for Web/Internet access, and the lack of Web/Internet access usage.

    This has become more important, not less and leaves a big chunk out of the existing total platform approach that SBS 2003 Premium offers.

    Granted, this leaves a void that can be filled by people like Dana, but the feature pull from SBS is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. First SQL Standard Edition (which made Analysis Services users see red), now ISA and tape support. And don’t get me started on eSATA support…

    Besides, that $3,000 doorstop should either be under extended warranty and/or a maintenance agreement if it’s important.

    Last time I did an LTO-2 drive + 20 tapes vs 20 320GB USB 2.0 drives + enclosures, the price came out about the same. And the tape solution didn’t require hacking to play nice with SBS 2003 backup. Different story under SBS 2008 though, given that tape backup software is needed.

    There are pros and cons to each solution though. More than 4GB memory is a biggie on my list at the mo.