The two triggers to no

On March 29, 2008, in Rants, by

Book Review: The 7 Triggers to Yes | Small Business Trends:

Today I got something in the mail that was the two triggers to ‘no’.  A postcard from a Computer company.  Here’s some constructive criticism for those considering sending out postcards.

First off, ensure that you finish up your web site before sending out that postcard.  Something half done doesn’t leave a good impression when the person getting the postcard then goes to the web site and sees a templated web site with sections that are still “to finish”.  It doesn’t leave a good impression.

Use of Clip art doesn’t grab my eye.  I’m not saying you need to hire a professional developer, but well done business cards grab me.  The pencil drawing clip art on the postcard needs some work.

To the company that sent me the postcard, I wish you well in your marketing efforts.  But I’m going to say “no, thank you”.



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