A crisis of keys

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I’m in a crisis right now.  My baby laptop, The Acer Travelmate c110, my trusted travel companion, the one that’s gone from XP to Vista without complaint, the one that I’ve worn off the M and the N key and have a shiny spot on the space bar is now having a key problem.  It sometimes doesn’t ‘take’ a space bar.  So I’m typingaway onit and don’trealize that everyother placewhereI needa spaceisn’t doingone. 





So now I’m typing on an HP Pavilion and the touch pad is slightly in the wrong place and suddenly I’ll find myself with a keystoe in the wrong place and my cursor somewhere else and then have to go back and put the cursr back to the place I’m supposed to be typing at.  I may try sticking a post it noe pad over the touch pad because it’s right around the area where I rest the heel of my right hnd and it gets a tad annoying.

The IBM 8088 had a keyboard to die for.  No keyboard since that era of the IBM typewriter era has had quite the same key feel. 

When you go to buy a laptop, how the keys feel is critical.  On a desktop, one can buy a keyboard, but a laptop, you are stuck with what ships with the laptop.

So do I buy a new laptop even though I LOVE my Acer C110?  Find a keyboard on ebay and replace it?  (Which is actually what I’m contemplating on doing)….I love the travel size and with 2 gigs of ram running the Vista basic color interface on a tablet pc works just fine. 

Okay I just talked myself into buying a replacement keyboard for that laptop because it’s still a sweet size, great for travel, runs Vista like a champ and my AT&T wireless card fits in the pcmcia slot.  This HP pavillion doesn’t have a pcmcia slot so that’s another thing to think of when upgrading laptops.  Do all of your ‘other’ technology pieces still fit your new laptop.  Don’t assume the new “home” ish models have the business features you need.




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