Hyper V and ….

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Stolen from Charlie Russel —  XP 64 bit guru, as well as uber author if you want to install a certain…. 
hmmm… let’s just call it the meow meow cat of a beta product on Hyper-V you need to ensure that you use
legacy nic settings.
When you are doing tests on HyperV, bottom line if it doesn’t see the nic, try “legacy nic” instead.
Charlie’s instructions for how to do Hyper-V and Cou … I mean “meow meow” server are as follows:
1.) Create new VM in Hyper-V manager. 
2.) Before you start it, go in and change the settings:
a.) 2 Processors
b.) 5120 GB RAM
c.) Add a Legacy NIC.

3.) Start it. You’ll want to boot from the ISO, not a physical DVD. MUCH faster.
4.) When you get to the first GUI screen, where it is going to start installing the
Susan inserted Meow server” stuff, press Shift-F10 to open a command window.
5.) On the Actions menu of the Connect application, select Install Integration services.
6.) In the CMD window, drill down to the AMD64 directory and run setup.
7.) Reboot as required to get the Integration Components to install
(I think it takes two reboots, but it might be down to one.)
8.) Continue installing.
That’s it. Runs fine. You can, once the integration components are installed, 
switch back to a regular NIC.
If you want to run the RC of Hyper-V, you’ll need to add the .msu Hotfix
to an ISO and run them from there.


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  1. John says:

    “5120 GB RAM”

    That seems like an awful lot of RAM.