Snitching? Or protecting?

On March 31, 2008, in news, by

My co-worker looks at porn – Work + Money on Shine:

CC may hate a snitch, but will she like it when the network/computer that she uses to compose her CC content is owned by malware possibly introduced by said web sites.

Granted, I think it’s the IT admin’s job if the policy of the firm to block such things to limit access through the use of web filtering and what not, but this is a work environment.  It’s introducing risk to the firm.  If the acceptable use of the Internet policy at the firm (and they do have one, yes?) says this is not appropriate, what this points out is the IT staff is not doing their job.  Have a policy is only half of the battle.  Next you have to enforce it.

If it’s not acceptable.. block it.


2 Responses to Snitching? Or protecting?

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    Are you trying to give me a run for the money when it comes to pr0n blogging?

    You don’t stand a chance, and I’d appreciate it if you could stay on your own turf!


  2. Mark says:

    You’re right on Susan. CC whoever that is couldn’t be more wrong. It only takes one sensitive person to walk by that guy’s cube, and then harassment lawsuit, and then perhaps everyone’s out of a job (especially in small biz land where losses are harder to absorb). The guy should be fired for being an idiot. Usually though, the boss need only call Mr. Porn Surfer in to show him the usage reports from a decent monitoring tool, and the whole company will go on notice courtesy of the grapevine. Problem solved.