Stealing a post from Joan in the BCM newsgroup:

Many users report problems with SQL Express taking over memory on their systems and I have also experienced this.  Much research over several days finally provided instructions on setting the Max Mem in SQL Server Express.  
Here are my findings:  Install free download “SQL Server Management Studio Express” for setting Max Memory  
Info on why this is helpful:

Download Source:  “Managing SQL Server Express” (SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi)

Installs to Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server 2005   
User Instructions: Open SQL Server Management Studio Express Connect to SQL database
At Object Explorer, right click on Server Name to provide Properties Dialog box
Select Memory Enter desired Maximum Server Memory (in MB)  (I selected 256)   

The install and use is easy, and effective.  Once installed, I ran through some heavy deleting of emails in BCM Contact Histories and contact category maintenence. 

The system performed adequately and SQL Server never went over
210MB of memory.   I then tried (for the 3rd time) to de-select over 600 contacts from the “Manage AutoLink” and alas, BCM locked up, again, as this operation seems to be way too much for the program.  But SQL never spiked to over 650MB memory like it did 3 times before.  It maxed at 210MB.   

One other step I have taken to improve BCM performance is to uninstall Desktop Instant Search.     




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  1. Chris Knight says:

    You can also use the instructions at as a guideline if you don’t want to install Management Studio Express.

  2. If connecting to a WSUS 3.0 “Windows Internal DB” you must enter this as the server name:


    FYI – check link and praise the person who found this out.