Do you keep track of your domains?

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The current version of Ecxtra was not originally designed for Vista. We are currently in the process of updating the software to work properly on Vista. The expected time frame is roughly mid to late summer for an official release.

…time passes….

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We are still updating the software for Vista. We should have a beta version available soon, and an officially released version sometime towards late summer.

That must be a long update job if it’s taken a year ….. 

What worked for me was to explore the CDrom, click on the setup.exe and right mouse click to do a ‘run as administrator’.  Then when the software is installed, right mouse click on the Icon and do a run as xp sp2, and run as administrator in the application compatibility tab. 

But what is more of a concern to me is the fact that when you do install the software, the button inside the software to do an online registration goes to a bogus, parked domain.

The link takes you to a bogus domain.

The real web site is here:

Idea works, software needs work.  But it really points out how as businesses we need to stay up on our domain names and ensure that someone doesn’t come in and park on them doesn’t it?


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