Not quite fixing "a yellow bang"

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When a new OS ships it normally takes a few weeks (months?… or in the case of Vista years?) for vendors to jump on the bandwagon.  The firm bought a new server to be a PDF saving beast and I started to put Win2k3 on it and then went…hang on…. let’s put 2k8 on it.  And in fact it found the drives better on 2k8 than when I attempted to install 2k3.  But there are still signs that I’m a bit bleeding edge….take for example the “!” in the drivers section….

See that?  It’s supposed to be fixed by this download..

This component installs a driverless INF file for the management function that is provided by the ACPI\HPI0002 device on the HP ProLiant 100 Series platforms. The INF file prevents the “unknown device” entry (a yellow bang) from displaying for the device, ACPI\HPI0002, in Windows Device Manager. This component is only needed on Generation 5 platforms or later if the unknown device entry is present in Device Manager.

Except the driver doesn’t work even though it’s labelled a 2k8 driver.  Now mind you …inside it’s labelled a 2k8 driver, but on the outside of the HP driver screen, it only lists 2k3.


See that?  No Win2k8 listed even though I just bought the server.  It does have an ILO card that I need to set up.  So now we’re a three server firm.  One SBS 2003 (32bit), one Win2k3 (32bit) running Live Communication Server, one Win2k8 (64bit) being a file sharing beast.  And I may just have to play with a bit of TS remote apps and what not.


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  1. Jos Meeuwsen says:

    Download the new smartstart software for the proliant. Use this link. It is version 8.0 and supports windows 2008.

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    Jos Meeuwsen