I met Jan Spring, VP of Sales of Efolder (www.efolder.net ) in New Orleans and she and Jim Muglia (long lost relation of Bob Muglia, Senior VP of Server and Tools — trust me long story– ask him sometime) talked about Efolder.  About 5 seconds into the setup I was already sold on the concept for my flat file PDF beast of a Windows 2008 box.  I liked their attention to detail, to encryption, and the manner in which they made sure you could get your data back and still be as uber paranoid as you wanted to be.

To ensure that you can not only encrypt your data but get it back I had to laugh at their listing of questions you can set for reset/get back your narly encryption password.  You can make it as paranoid as you want it to be and still get your data back. 

But there was one question that I just had to laugh about…..

That one.  Why?  Because my “accounting background” showed up.  My very first thought for what that question meant was my favorite debit or credit entry explanation or something.

In accounting we do general journal entries and that was my first thought was “Okay like debit to Cash …..”  until I went…duh…. you idiot.

For those in the partner space you can ‘brand’ it as your backup.  Don’t ask me the prices as they are channel only, ask Jan all about it.  Her email address is jspring@efolder.net 

Jim, in addition to doing flat file storage, is using StorageCraft and then parking the StorageCraft image on Efolder.  Kewl huh!



One Response to Debit to cash… now THAT was my favorite journal entry

  1. My favorite journal entry is “Reverse correcting entry booked backwards.” Says it all in five easy words.