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For sale.  Cheap.  One slightly well used laptop that now refuses to run Quickbooks.  May have sledgehammer marks on it if the instructions on that page doesn’t work.

Act quickly.  It may next be a missle and just may end up in pieces soon.


I’m about ready to turn this sucker over to some employee’s kids and buy a new one.  Quickbooks 2008 used to work on this laptop and we’re not sure when it stopped working.  It could have been XP sp3 on it but that’s been removed and isn’t it.  It could have been .net 2.0 sp1, but we’ve done the .net cleaner upper/ripper outter and that didn’t work.  At a certain point in time when working with older hardware and software there is a diminishing rate of return where the time spent to fix an older inefficient piece of equipment tips over to the “It’s not worth this” anymore.  Sometimes when technology doesn’t work and you have to get it to work there’s a point in time when it makes a great frisbee.


For the record… it was this close to being a frisbee…. but it’s now working

1)Go to the following address: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
2)Locate the qbregistration.dat file, and delete the qbregisteration.dat file

Reinstalling the software and doing

9)Navigate to the following address: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 , locate the “reboot.bat” file.   (please note this file was under the non enterprise version of QB 2008 folder as well and obviously reregistered a bunch of Quickbooks DLLs)
10)Double click on “reboot.bat”.

Did the trick….. 


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  1. HandyAndy says:

    And I stayed up all night watching the sky thinking for sure I would see it fly over :>)